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CAM200iP not found - safeandsoundinc - 05-31-16 08:23 AM

I have a CAM200iP connected to a GS165. Some days the MFD sees the camera, some days it does not. I have swapped the crossover coupler at the camera, I've tried all three ethernet ports. I've tried a separate ethernet cable with raynet adapters, all to no avail. When it did work I had the latest software on both units. The GS165 also does not turn the camera on and off, it's always powered, even when I remove power from the 12v wires, it's getting power through ethernet. Thanks for any help.

RE: CAM200iP not found - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-01-16 09:26 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum safeandsoundinc,

Raymarine had sent out Technical Bulletin addressing this issue stating the the CAM200IP's software be downgraded. Raymarine dealers may access this bulletin and the CAM200IP software via Raymarine's Dealer Portal. Are you an authorized Raymarine Dealer?