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[CA11] RF Suppression Axiom 9 RV-100 - FROGGY - 10-15-19 05:38 PM

Hi, I purchased an inline RF Suppressor unit from an automotive supplier. As a result, I was able to detect an improvement in Sonar Bottom Lock performance at speed. However, the RF Suppressor caused a drop of 0.5V in the operating Supply Voltage!? The relevant question is:
At what supply voltage does the Axiom 9 RV Chart/Sonar performance drop!?

RE: [CA11] RF Suppression Axiom 9 RV-100 - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 10-17-19 12:43 PM


The specification for the Axiom 9 RV MFDs indicate that they will operate down to 10.8 VDC. Performance will degrade below that point.