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[CA11] ST5000 hydraulic pump?? - BryPaulD - 10-23-19 02:40 PM

I’ve got an ST5000 system in my boat.. When I engage AP, the hydro pump makes an intermittent clicking and I’m not sure why.. If the pump needs to be replaced (I looked online) mine looks very much like a type 2 and type 3, I don’t know what mine is.. The system is in an 84 Tiara 2700 with twin Crusader small blocks if that helps? I’ve attached a short video to hopefully show the pump and can listen to the clicking.. Thanks in advance for any help

RE: [CA11] ST5000 hydraulic pump?? - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 10-23-19 03:51 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum BryPaulD,

Please note that the autopilot hydraulic pump within the video is Raymarine's M81120 12V Type 1 Hydraulic Pump. The sound which you are hearing may be loose components, possibly magnets, within the pump's electric motor assembly. It would be recommended that you ensure that this sound is coming from the pump and not something else onboard. If the fault is what I suspect and you hold your hand on the pump's motor while it is making the reported sound, then you may feel vibrations associated with the clicks. If so, and given the age of the autopilot, it would be recommended that you consider replacing the hydraulic pump with the same model (part # listed above).