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ECI-100 compatibility - dars padilla - 10-28-19 10:32 PM

Gentlemen, am new to this forum and would just like a little info. Is the Raymarine IC-100 universal engine and control interface compatible with Evinrude Etecs? We are planning to install Raymarine MFDs on our RIB and the dealer we were talking to was not certain if the ECI-100 would interface with the Etecs for engine data(so we need to ask the experts in Raymarine).
Also, what type of interface would we need to show tank data on the Raymarine MFDs? Appreciate any help. thank you

RE: ECI-100 compatibility - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 10-29-19 01:19 AM

Hello dars padilla,

I've given some info on the Evinrude question on your other post, but to answer the tank question: we don't recommend any specific devices, but anything that outputs the standard NMEA2000 Fluid Level PGN should work. Just make sure that whatever you get, you have a way to set it up (fluid type, e.g. fuel/fresh water etc., tank number/instance, capacity etc.) as the same message type is used to send data from potentially multiple fuel, fresh, grey, black water tanks, live wells etc., etc.