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[LW11] Radar repair - Philtadd - 11-13-19 09:30 PM

My radar (4kw 18” digital radome, E92129 0540307, network SeatalkHS, software 1.04.) appears to be dead. It displays a snowy screen from about 80% gain otherwise nothing. I have spoken with technicians from Lusty and Blundell in New Zealand who tell me the magnetron has probably failed. This cannot be replaced as there are none available in US, Australia or U.K.

I was told that the hours run can be found in diagnostics, wrong. Is there anything I can test, thermal cutout, fuse, sticking motor? Should I ignore it for the moment and replace with a different make when other parts of the system go wrong?

RE: [LW11] Radar repair - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 11-20-19 10:44 AM

Dear Philtadd,

There is nothing that can be done to get the radar working from your end, it needs to be seen by a service agent for repair. There is a hardware fail within the unit.

The magnetrons are available to order but currently none in stock, I have checked with service team. I advise sending the radar in for testing as it may not be the magnetron that is faulty.

Where are you globally?

Many Thanks

RE: [LW11] Radar repair - Philtadd - 11-21-19 01:53 PM

We are in Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand

RE: [LW11] Radar repair - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 11-22-19 04:36 AM

Dear Philtadd,

Please email me at support.uk@raymarine.com

Many Thanks