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[CA11] M232 Ball Down and ClearCruise - SVAzzurra - 11-18-19 06:41 PM

We have just purchased the M232 and getting ready to install. I would prefer a ball down installation on our mast (sailboat with ScanStrut Camera Mount) I have seen the following statement on the web "ClearCruiseâ„¢ is not available on ball-down installations" It is not a current concern as we have not upgraded to Axiom (Lighthouse III) but it is planned for the future, We currently have c and e MFD's. Will there be a software patch in the future to address this?

Tony Castagno
SV Azzurra

RE: [CA11] M232 Ball Down and ClearCruise - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 11-19-19 11:08 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum SVAzzurra,

Thanks for your interest in the M232 Thermal Camera. Unfortunately at this time, the M232 will only support ClearCruise when mounted in the ball up orientation. A feature request has been logged to consider the changes necessary to support ClearCruise in conjunction with the M232 when the camera has been installed in the ball down orientation.

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