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Waypoints: can't goto or show on chart - marchem - 06-02-16 10:43 AM

e7D with 17.45 software. If I am on a chart display and select Menu, My Data, Waypoints, and then select a Waypoint I can choose Goto, or Display on Chart and it works fine. If I try the same thing from the Home Screen (My Data, Waypoints) I am unable to Goto or Display on Chart.

The Waypoint layout/display is slightly different depending on how I get there (Home vs; Chart/Menu); there is an option to Show on Chart in one, but not the other. Maybe that's somehow connected to this issue?

RE: Waypoints: can't goto or show on chart - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-03-16 02:29 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum marchem,

By design and for reasons of safety, features associated with navigation (i.e. Go To Waypoint, Follow Route) are exclusively designed to be executed within the Chart application to ensure that the operator has immediate visibility to the course line and leg lines associated with the commanded navigation.

With respect to the show/hide waypoints, routes, and tracks attribute, each Chart application page is designed to be individually configurable with respect to the features which are being display. Some users will go as far as to configure a single page with four Chart application panes, each showing a different type of cartography, chart orientations, objects shown etc. In some of these Chart application pages/panes, an operator may desire to view waypoint, and/or routes, and/or track, and in others, the operator may not desire to view these items. Accordingly, the controls for hiding and showing these items are found within each Chart application page/pane's menus.

RE: Waypoints: can't goto or show on chart - marchem - 06-05-16 03:43 PM

That makes sense. Now I just need to remember how it works!! That's a good idea of having different chart configurations. I'll try that.