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[TG] Volvo Penta DPI drive & autopilot
01-03-20, 01:10 AM
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RE: Volvo Penta DPI drive & autopilot
(01-02-20 12:16 AM)Tom - Raymarine - Moderator Wrote:  Hello Kimbrey,

Volvo are understandably keen on discouraging people from using any electronics other than their own, but our EV2 drive-by-wire autopilot can steer a wide range of IPS and Aquamatic drive-by-wire sterndrive systems. Single-sterndrive systems are supported, with Volvo EVC revisions C and later including current EVC-2.

You need a 'gateway' to translate between the Raymarine system and the Volvo system: this can be Raymarine's ECI-100 or dual Volvo gateways, one for pilot control and one for engine data (the ECI-100 performs both functions.) The Raymarine system will function the same whether you use 1x ECI-100 or 2x Volvo gateways, but:
  • Volvo do not test and approve the ECI-100, so you may prefer to use the Volvo equivalents.
  • You should not mix Volvo and Raymarine gateways in the same system: choose either/or.
  • If you go the Volvo gateways, you need both for full functionality.
  • The ECI-100 does not pass any data (except pilot steering commands) back to the EVC system, so you may need a GPS on the Volvo side for fuel calculations on their engine displays or, again, use Volvo gateways.

There are also a few things to be aware of in a system such as this:
  • You should still have a 4" or 7" Volvo display at the helm for proprietary (e.g. transmission) alarms which are not translated across to the Raymarine system
  • In a system with a Volvo joystick, Joystick Driving will not function, as this is a Volvo pilot function. Joystick Docking will work.
  • The pilot controls on the joystick and Volvo display will not operate as these are dedicated to the Volvo pilot.
  • Volvo functions including Dynamic Positioning, Water Sport Control, alarms, control and the onboard Maintenance Assistant will work through a Volvo 7" display

On you can see how the pilot connects to the Volvo network via an ECI-100, or in the [url= pilot handbook[/url] you can see how to connect via the Volvo pilot gateway (the connections are different depending on which gateway you use.)

I've not been on a sterndrive-powered Volvo/EV2 vessel, but I have sea-trialled IPS/EV2 systems and the course-keeping is beautiful.

Thanks Tom,
A lot to digest here....this is great info. Just sent the payment a couple days before Christmas to start the build so they haven't started laying glass in the mold for the hull yet, I have some time to think on it. We'll go with a single Volvo D6-340 with a DPI drive but haven't yet placed an order for the engine package because of me wanting Raymarine over Garmin.
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