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[DG11] Displaying GPS informaton on VHF Radio

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[DG11] Displaying GPS informaton on VHF Radio
04-29-20, 06:10 AM (This post was last modified: 04-29-20 09:30 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[DG11] Displaying GPS informaton on VHF Radio
The boat I purchased recently has a set of ST60’s and an I70 linked together on a Seatalk1 network. Alongside this there is a E95 MFD linked to a Radar and Sona vis the HS connections and an AIS350 connected to the MFD via Seatalkng . The VHF radio is connected to the AIS350 via the NMEA0183 output. However there is no GPS position or time being displayed on the Radio.
The GPS being used by the E95 is the internal MFD GPS.
Would I be correct in thinking that the way to get the VHF radio to display the GPS position from the MFD’s GPS is by using the Seatalkng to NMEA0183 converter, and taking the output from the yellow connector to the VHF Radio’s NMEA0183 input?
The existing connection of the AIS350 to the STng is from a spur from the 5 way connector on the STng backbone. I am assuming I can just replace this 5 way connector for the NMEA0183 converter is that correct?
Thanks for your help.
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