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[CC11] Replacement of ST50 instruments with i70
05-01-20, 01:17 AM
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RE: Replacement of ST50 instruments with i70
Hello Hajot,

Quote:can I use the old transducers? St 50 windcontrol head, deep transducer Arimar P19, speed and temp transducer, fluxgate compass, rudder transducer.

Yes, as long as they're all working they can all be used with a current system, with a couple of points to be aware of:
  • Wind: you will need to adjust the adjust the Wind Speed calibration factor in the new system from the default 0.7 or 0.75 up to 1.0, to compensate for the fact that the old windvanes spin slower in the same windspeed (smaller cups, less-good bearings) than the new windvanes which the ITC5 is factory set up for.
  • Speed: an ST50 speed transducer may have blue and yellow for the water temperature pair rather than the modern white and brown. If yours has blue-yellow, connect these to the ITC5's white and brown terminals. Either way round, it's just a resistance measurement so polarity doesn't matter. The temperature pair is important and needs to be connected and somewhere between 7 and 14kOhms, as this is what the ITC5 uses to detect that there is a speed transducer connected.
  • Compass: don't connect the fluxgate to the ITC5. Leave it connected to the T100 pilot if you're still using that, and when you replace the T100 then you'll get heading data from the new pilot's EV sensor core instead.

Quote:can I calibrate the transducers?

Yes, the i70 will calibrate the ITC5 exactly as if these were new transducers.

Quote:can I use the old autopilot? Type 100 12V and autohelm Typ 1

Yes. Connect it via a Seatalk1 - SeatalkNG Convertor, part E22158, which can connect anywhere into the existing Seatalk network. It has a standard flat (ST60-style, rather than round ST50-style) 3-pin Seatalk connector - you may find it easiest to either cut this off and splice wires colour-for-colour, or join to existing cabling using a D244 3-way Seatalk junction block, if you have any pre-existing flat ST60-style Seatalk connectors.

Definitely replace this 20+ year old autopilot if you are going to be doing long-distance or short-handed sailing: please do not attempt to cross oceans two-handed with an autopilot that is old enough to vote!

Quote:can I use the old seatalk cables between motorroom - outside - inside or do I have to replace them for new seatalk-ng cables?

The i50, i60 and i70(s) instruments can talk either the old Seatalk (Seatalk1, ST1) or new SeatalkNG (STNG) languages. I would always recommend replacing and upgrading old cabling, but based on your wiring diagram then until the T100 autopilot is replaced then you will need to keep the section of cabling between inside and outside as ST1.
The ITC5 only talks STNG (and calibration especially can only be done on STNG) so you will need an STNG network (STNG starter kit is part T70134, but you may need extra STNG 5-ways or T-pieces and backbone cables depending on how many STNG devices you want to connect) at the outside station where the transducer cables run to, and will need an E22158 convertor between there and the rest of the network. You will also need to have an i70S connected to this STNG network: you cannot just replace the Multi inside with an i70S connected to ST1 as it will not be able to calibrate the ITC5.
To connect i50/i60/i70S to ST1 you can cut and join standard (supplied) STNG Spur cables (they contain red / black / yellow for 12V / 0V / ST1 data), or 3-pin to 6-pin adaptor cables if you have any ST60-style flat ST1 cables now (I don't think you will.) Parts A06047 or A06073.

Quote:can I use the old instruments, which I use inside, together with the new ones outside or do I have to replace them, too?

You can use old instruments and new instruments together, as long as you have a single ST1 network and a single STNG network, with 1 point of connection (an E22158 convertor) between them. Don't try to have two or more different separated ST1 networks with multiple convertors, for example.

Quote:I have a AIS (em-trac B 100) and want to connect it to the system to see the AIS signals and the GPS signal

I've had a quick look at the Em-Trak's manual and it uses NMEA2000, so you can connect that into STNG via an A06045 or A06075 Devicenet to STNG adaptor cable. The AIS display on the i70S is very simple, and I would recommend considering a full Multifunction Display (MFD) such as our Element S or Axiom ranges. Both can repeat instrument data like an i70S can, are full GPS chartplotters, and Axiom can also calibrate Wind, Speed and Depth on ITC5 (Element currently can display this data but not calibrate.) Both would connect to STNG via the same A06045/75 adaptor cables.

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities and possible parts required depending on exactly what you choose to replace, and your local Raymarine Service Dealer can help you find all the right parts to achieve exactly what you want. Tick 'Certified Installation' at


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