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[TG] [TG11] sample network drawings
06-09-20, 09:12 PM
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RE: [TG11] sample network drawings
Thanks, @brk.

I'd make a couple of comments for other viewing @brk's attached drawing:
  • Power supplies aren't shown, but STNG/NMEA2000 needs a *single* point of 12V power. Emphasis on single here, because some devices (including some Fusion stereos, Raymarine ACU200/300/400 autopilot actuator controllers and more) can supply power (usually switchable as on the ACU and in Fusion software.) @brk's pilot has an ACU150, but were it an ACU200 then there are potentially 3 sources of STNG power here even without the supplied STNG power cable.
  • You should use caution with any non-Raymarine (and particularly non-marine) devices in an ethernet (SeatalkHS/Raynet) network. @brk has a non-Raymarine IP video camera which may or may not work with our system, and a non-marine router. Non-marine devices will often be AC-powered (or if DC-powered, will usually not be tolerant of the wide voltage ranges of a typical marine '12V' system) which can add the potential for grounding issues or electrical noise (invertor?), are not usually tolerant of marine shock and vibration, temperature ranges or humidity (especially saline humid air) and are not tested/approved to marine electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards. They can also raise compatibility issues in their IP setup. As an extreme example, I took a call a few years back from the owner of a boat that had been installed with a system using a non-marine network switch, which ended up catching fire in his engine room when at sea (in the Bass Strait, of all places.)


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