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i70 - Sea Temp with Merc Gateway
06-23-16, 11:12 AM
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RE: i70 - Sea Temp with Merc Gateway
What is most interesting, it seems the a12 has the ability to display either variable:

Environment/Water Temp exists on the a12 - which shows proper CPT120 data. If you pick sea temp - it would show the inaccurate value of the SmartCraft. However, Environment/Water Temp does not exist on the i70. Hopefully an easy fix to this (feature request) would be to have that variable on the i70 units.

Given SmartCraft is pretty common for interfacing into the NMEA2k network, are you aware of any workaround that folks have used? I am guessing since the Merc gateway is a 'dumb' device - there is no configuration I can do there to stop that data from being sent.
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