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Fuel Flow meters not showing correctly on a78 MFD
06-23-16, 01:39 PM
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RE: Fuel Flow meters not showing correctly on a78 MFD
I believe that the problem of having fuel rate only populating the port engine's data item is because each NMEA 2000 fuel sensor has been configured with the same NMEA 2000 instance number ... in this case instance 0. The convention with engine and tank related data is that instance numbers start at 0 for the device located farthest to port and then increment from port to starboard. Accordingly, for a vessel with three engines, the port engine would be instance 0, the center engine would be instance 1, and the starboard engine would be instance 2. It is recommended that the manufacturer of the sensor be contacted regarding how to configure its instance number.

The definitions and data items which may be included within a NMEA 2000 PGN may be found here. In this case, fuel rate, and possibly fuel pressure may be included within the PGN 127489.

Q1: Am I correct in assuming that since I was able to see both of the fuel rates, even though they are showing up as PORT FF(fuel Flow) All that remains to resolve this issues is to go into Set-up > System Settings > External Devices > Engines Set-up and then go through the Engine Identification Wizard to assign those sensors to the correct engine? That is what I gathered from the Lighthouse user manual.
A1: Negative. See the opening statement.

Q2: What do I need to do to show the fuel remaining for each tank from the fuel flow that is being used? I am not able to see the gas tanks separately, only as a total fuel renaming and that is resetting as well.
A2: As the PGN 127497 does not appear to be transmitted by the fuel flow sensors, FUEL FLOW RATE should be selected, and then only estimated fuel data items will be populated. Tank level data will only be populated when the system has been interfaced to NMEA 2000 Tank Level sensors.

Q3: I also noticed that when I powered the MFD and checked my data page, My remaining fuel was reset to showing 116 gallons remaining even though I had previously seen that I burned 10 gallons on a joyride cruise after installing the meters.
A3: It is recommended that the instancing issue specified above be addressed before proceeding with investigation this issue.
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