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E125 V17.45 Routes Reverse
08-22-16, 07:12 AM
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RE: E125 V17.45 Routes Reverse
Glad I read this thread. I could not understand why this happened with some routes and not others. I have been resetting my MFD for other issues this summer so the problem did not show up again until I followed the same route two consecutive weekends.

I agree that this needs a permanent fix. Any time you have to take your eyes off of the surroundings to make a change on the MFD creates the opportunity for trouble. My routes start just outside of the Point Judith Harbor of Refuge and is a very congested area. I'm sure others start their routes outside of harbors, etc. Now that I know the problem I can avoid it by doing the check beforehand.

Thank you for the thread.
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RE: E125 V17.45 Routes Reverse - JohnBRI - 08-22-16 07:12 AM

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