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Seatalk2 to STng
12-12-16, 03:03 PM
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Seatalk2 to STng
I'm currently trying to straighten out some networking on a sailboat that has had several generations of electronics installed and I'd like to streamline and simplify the interfaces.

At the end of summer I had installed 2 eS127 MFDs to replace E-Classic displays. For these I used STng to ST2 and RayNet to STHS adapter cables to get it networked for a final cruise. This was serviceable but based on the other stuff already in the boat there were some data loops and redundant adapters.

In addition to the new eS127 MFDs the instruments are ST290 graphic displays, a DPU and separate Depth and Speed Pods all on ST2.
There are also 2 ST290 Wind instruments and a ST290 remote keypad using ST1.

--What I'd like to know is, can all the ST290 components be connected to a new STng backbone with spur cables (ST2 to STng)? This would include centralizing the transducers to an iTC-5.

--Will a ST1 to STng converter transmit necessary data for the ST290 wind displays (ST1) to get wind data from STng? (wind xducer connected to iTC-5) As well as enabling the ST290 remote keypad (Seatalk1) to control the ST290 displays (Seatalk2/STng)?

Thank You

P.S. I know that ST2 was the earlier version of STng and wire conductors are the same, but in the interest of progress I'm trying to adapt forward to STng rather than adapting new components backward to Seatalk2. I just want to make sure they can be connected almost as if they're i70 displays and thus eliminate the DPU.
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