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E120/SeaRay Navigator Upgrade ?

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E120/SeaRay Navigator Upgrade ?
01-18-17, 09:37 PM
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E120/SeaRay Navigator Upgrade ?
I'm upgrading a SeaRay Navigator and an E120 system to an eS127 and an eS128 setup:

1) It was recommended to install one of each to have both sounders onboard. Please confirm?
2) A new HD Color Radome will terminate directly into one of the eS MFDs. No issues.
3) I'll use a SeaTalk 3-way junction to connect my existing Ray240 into the MFDs using the NG converter kit and spur to an eS for connectivity. Any issues?
4) I'll use the same 3-way junction to connect my existing SmartPilot S2G. Any issues?
5) I'll add the SA150 GPS antenna directly to an eS. No issue.
6) I'll add a CAM220 directly into an eS. No issue.
7) Assuming I can use the E66066 adapter for the existing DSM300's transducer for a direct connection to one of the new eS MFDs does it matter which MFD (the 127 or the 128) it connects to?
8) There's also an existing AIS500 on board. How would that connect?
9) there's also an SR100. Looks like another simple STHS connection.
10) Regarding all of these MFD connections (radome, NG backbone, GPS antenna, IP camera, transducer, etc) do they all need to connect to one "master" MFD where the 2nd is a "slave" or could connections run to each for all of the system data to be shared back and forth? Adding the AIS and/or SR100 will overflow to the second MFD and/or require a switch. What is best?

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