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A77 Mounting on a pedestal guard

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A77 Mounting on a pedestal guard
03-19-17, 09:52 AM
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A77 Mounting on a pedestal guard
I have a sailboat with a wheel and pedestal and pedestal guard. I have the A77 multifunction device and the Ev100 autopilot. Am considering mounting options.

Best way may be a replacement pedestal guard (58" and bent vs the 45" straight one I have now) with an Edson instrument pod. This is breaking my budget though. I'm looking at a more cost effective approach - the ram mount. This approach however leaves the instrument to the weather elements as it is not encased in a pod. Is the A77 built to withstand the elements in a setup like this?

When not underway I'll leave a cover over it but if underway while it is raining it is likely to be exposed to wet conditions even though I have a Bimini cover that is usually in place. Please advise.
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