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Axiom Axiom ohhhh Axiom
05-08-17, 08:04 PM
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Axiom Axiom ohhhh Axiom
OK...Jumped in with both feet. Axiom 9 x 2 with 3D Transducer etc. Have multiple questions:

1. Radar - Have the Quantum 24 Radar...Is there a way to Hardwire the Radar to the MFD?

2. If I connect a RayTalkNG Cable between the two MFD's, can they share data?

3. The wiring diagram seems to show that the NMEA connector shares power...Only wire showing is the Grounding "Drain" wire. So if my NMEA Backbone is powered, it should provide power to the MFD's, correct?

4. There have been a bunch of posts on here about Navionics Platinum + Have we figured out if the new Axioms will support ALL of the data?

5. AIS - I am using the EM-Track B100 Transceiver...Anyone see any issues with this? I have a dedicated AIS Ant and The B100 comes with the GPS Ant.

6. GPS Will the two MFD's share the data over the NMEA Net for my GPS 150 sensor?

7. Do I need a dedicated Heading sensor for Radar Overlay?

8. If I am using Axiom #2 as a dedicated Chartplotter/Radar Repeater (Axiom #1 is Sonar Dedicated)...Am I wasting a chance to set this up better? COuld I get better resolution and data from a different MFD?


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