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Raymarine Cable Identification

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Raymarine Cable Identification
05-17-17, 03:06 PM
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Raymarine Cable Identification
I pulled out a C80 classic, and a myriad of other items (GPS antenna, radar, etc) off my boat and replaced with new equipment.

I am trying to identify some of the left over cables in order to sell them, as some may be harder to find.

1) Twist on connector on one end (female with 5 holes, in an X layout), the raw cable side has a Black/White/Green/Yellow/Brown wire

2) Seatalk female (3 [censored]) push in connector on one end, other end is Red/Yellow/Metal raw wires.

3) Seatalk female (3 [censored]) push in connector on one end, other end is Red/Yellow/Black raw wires.

4) What is the model # of the radar power/data cable that would have gone from a C80 classic to the RD424 analog radar

I wish I had taken better notes when tearing the old stuff out. Is there a reference of all the seatalk style of wiring? I have pictures of the above if necessary.

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