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ST1 vs STng for SPX-5 and p70R
06-09-17, 02:17 PM
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ST1 vs STng for SPX-5 and p70R
Good day,

I have recently purchased a boat that has an all Raymarine setup which I am modifying slightly. My current set up is-

Into multiple D244 ST1 busses-
-SPX-5 course computer ST1
-ST40 Bidata ST1
-S100 ST1
-p70R (recently upgraded from ST6002) via a ST1-STng adapter cable

From the D244 ST busses via a ST1-STng adapter cable-
ST1-STng converter

Into the ST1-STng converter is currently an e95 MFD white spur, 12 vdc white spur and the ST1-STng yellow adapter cable from the D244 busses

From e95 MFD NMEA0183-
T122 Wireless interface-
T101 wireless wind
There is also a Raymarine HD Color radar

I recently added the p70R Autopilot control head and the T122 wireless interface. Because the p70R is on the ST1 network, I had to update the p70R software by plugging it directly into the ST1-STng converter, updating and then plugging back into the ST1 network.
I have a Ray218 VHF that was wired into the NMEA 0183 from the e95 for DSC GPS position. I had to use the NMEA 0183 output from the e95 for the T122 for wind information to and from the e95.
The system seems to work now, however, the p70R seems to be lacking some functionality. When I attempt to use the Seatrial Wizard, it won't allow me to. In the basic setup, the only option given is language selection. I can't input any other information for the autopilot setup. I also don't have GPS for the Ray218 VHF anymore.

Here is my proposed setup which would include a second ST1-STng converter. I believe I would have to buy a VHF-NMEA 0183 converter kit (E70196), a blue backbone cable (A06036) and a white spur to stripped end cable for the course computer (A06044)

Into a first ST1-STng converter-

SPX-5 course computer STng white spur (3m spur cable not long enough to go directly to p70R)
p70R STng white spur
ST40 bidata and S100 into a D244 bus then a yellow ST1-STng spur adapter cable
Blue Backbone cable to second ST1-STng converter-

Into the second ST1-STng converter-

Blue backbone from the first ST1-STng converter
e95 white spur
12vdc red/black power cable white spur
VHF -NMEA 0183 yellow adapter cable to give GPS position to the Ray218 VHF
The T122 would remain connected to the NMEA 0183 output from the e95.

If my thinking is correct, the p70R and the SPX-5 course computer would then show up on the diagnostics page on the e95 and both be part of the STng network. I would then have full functionality of the p70R. Only the ST40 bidata and the S100 would be on the ST1 network. The Ray218 would receive GPS from the VHF-NMEA 0183 adapter cable.

1. Is this unnecessarily complicating the wiring?
2. Is there actually anything to be gained by putting the p70R and the SPX-5 course computer on the STng network vs the ST1 network?
3. Would the simplest solution to getting GPS position to the Ray218 VHF be to use a blue backbone cable from the current ST1-STng converter to a VHF-NMEA 0183 converter kit (basically just a second ST1-STng converter with adapter cable)?

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