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Axiom ?'s
06-09-17, 08:13 PM
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Axiom ?'s

I am ready to upgrade my plotter, and am intrigued by the axiom series. Capabilities vs cost seem unmatchable. This line seems to be marketed heavily toward the recreational fisherman... is there any reason an Axiom MFD (thinking the 9) wouldn't be a smart choice on my Seafarer 37 sailboat?

A few questions, as the number of configurations available gets quite confusing... I don't think I really need any of the cutting edge downvision/realvision sonar features available, but my current Datamarine depth instrument will be in need of upgrade soon. If I later connect a more modern transducer to my MNEA 2000 network, would the E70366 (plotter only model) display depth? I couldn't find this addressed anywhere among all the descriptions of the more fancy sonar capabilities.

For what it's worth, it seems that retailers are a little confused by the different configurations also... Defender advertises the 70366 as supporting the " full range of Raymarine accessories including.... CHIRP sonar" not true, correct??

I would like to mount flush in a pod-like compartment and am trying to determine the depth required. In the Axiom Brochure, the specs page shows 6.97" from face to the back turn of the cable. The specs page in the installation manual has a rear mount diagram that is either in error or way out of scale. It does show face to back of cable as 7.01", which is virtually the same as the brochure, but it also lists C + D (face to back of bracket) as just 4.28", though the diagram shows the cable and bracket protruding roughly the same distance back. It looks like a right angle connector would give the minimum required clearance.... what would this measurement be exactly (unless the diagram is very out of scale, 6.22" doesn't seem possible), and what right angle connector would I use?

Thanks very much in advance for whatever light you can shed!

Dave E

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