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Adjusting Heading alignment ST6001
06-29-17, 02:25 PM
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RE: Adjusting Heading alignment ST6001
Hi Chuck
I thought I would report back on this issue just in case someone else might have the same problem.

Last week we took a trip out to the San Juan islands and it was great weather, so I had good opportunities during slack tides to do the compass calibrations. I did the circles again and adjusted the heading, but when I was done the results were the same with heading being off by 5 to 20 degrees. After studying the situation further I discovered that my course on ground was set to true North. Since the heading as far as I can see Must be set to magnetic north as it gets it's signal from the fluxgate compass, I switched the course on ground to magnetic north. At that Point I needed to align the heading again. I found that I could align the heading without doing the circles over. The manual had stated that this could be done, but did not specify how. I found by trial and error that when you go through the compass calibration mode all you have to do is keep pressing "display" rather than the "+1" that puts you in to doing the circles and you can skip directly to "align the compass". Once I had both course on ground and heading set to magnetic they aligned very nicely and now the system is working perfect. The new Ray Star 130 GPS that I installed is also working very nicely and I am happy to have the complete system working as it should.

Thanks again for your help.

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