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sailboat upgrade path
06-29-17, 08:22 AM
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RE: sailboat upgrade path

Q1. Will the iTC-5 solve my problem with the depth and speed?
A1. No. The iTC-5 is designed for use with wired analog depth, speed, temperature, and wind transducer. The iTC-5 does not support wireless or smart transducers (NMEA 0183 / NMEA 2000).

Q2. Would I be able to use the sensors already on the boat? older kvh stuff? (nema0183).
A2. Should the vessel already be equipped with NMEA 0183 transducers, then these may be interfaced to NMEA 0183 multiplexer (when two or more NMEA talkers need to the interfaced to the system), which may in turn be a NMEA 0183 to SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 data bridging device (ex. Actisense NGW-1-STNG, etc.). It should be noted that Raymarine products are neither designed to calibrate third party sensors nor configure alarms to trigger based upon data from such sensors ... Raymarine products will simply repeat data from compatible third party NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 data sources

Q3. Maybe leave that stuff onboard and use the miro-talk gateway?
A3. The Micro-Talk Gateway is only applicable to systems which include a TackTick display.

Q4. Maybe I'm overlooking something is there a wireless depth and speed that works without another box? It's not a price thing it's one less thing to go wrong.
A4. No.

Q5. As I understand it, and I maybe wrong. wireless radar, and wind will go to the axiom and the i70s?
A5. With respect to Wi-Fi integration between Axiom MFDs and other marine electronic devices, the Wi-Fi communications interface of the Axiom MFDs is exclusively designed to support Wi-Fi communications between the MFD and a Quantum radome. The TackTick transducers are designed to communicate with a TackTick Wireless display, which in turn will be used to calibrate data associated with the transducer. The Micro-Talk Gateway simply bridges data from the TackTick system to the SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone to permit compatible devices (ex. Axiom MFD, i70S, Evolution autopilot, etc.) to repeat and use data from the TackTick system.

Q6. Do I need to buy the Axiom with the fish finder if I have the i70s?
A6. Unless interested in producing a fishfinder-type plot of the bottom, then there would be no need to purchase an Axiom MFD having internal fishfinder circuitry. However, should one desire to have the Axiom MFD display a fishfinder-type plot of the bottom, then it would be necessary to purchase an Axiom MFD having internal fishfinder circuitry and interface it to a compatible fishfinder transducer. An alternate solution to the latter would be to interface the Axiom MFD to a CP100 CHIRP (conical) / DownVision Fishfinde Sounder Module which in turn has been interface to a compatible CHIRP / DownVision or CPT-S Transducer.

Q7. My radio will be nema 2000 with built in AIS transponder. It looks like I just need a cable to adapt it, is that correct?
A7. The third party VHF radio / AIS transponder will simply need to be interfaced a a spur to a powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng backbone to which the MFD has also been interface as a spur. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
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