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Ray55 transmits but won't receive

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Ray55 transmits but won't receive
08-02-17, 06:54 AM
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Ray55 transmits but won't receive
My Ray55 transmits loud and clear pretty far with no issues.
But when it receives it seems to be limited to to very close.
Within like 1/2 mile for receiving.
I am not sure if it is the radio or the antenna or the cable,
We put a ART meter on it ans VSWR is good and output as expected is solid.
My friend sitting next to me could pick up a boat that I can and when we cruise together he regularly can hear boats I can't.

I can't decide what is bad and how to proceed.
I was going to change antenna and someone said if you transmit so well it can't be antenna. So is it the radio?
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Ray55 transmits but won't receive - currentsea - 08-02-17 06:54 AM

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