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Troubleshooting E85001 Serial Data
08-21-17, 09:44 AM
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RE: Troubleshooting E85001 Serial Data
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum SoggyPaws,

Q1. The E85001 is used to connect the Radar at the nav station to the rest of the Seatalk network, and also to feed serial data to a laptop. The input to the laptop is via an USB-Serial Port adapter. While on passage one day, the serial data to the laptop stopped. However, the Seatalk data to the Radar is still working. This tells me that the wiring on the Seatalk network from the instruments on the helm station, into the E85001 at the nav station, is OK.
A1. Correct

Q2. I did suspect the rather inexpensive USB-Serial connector and/or the USB port on the computer. But I have swapped in a very reliable, high-quality serial port box, and tested with another laptop with a known/proven USB port, that is configured for the new serial port box. And I know that no software has changed on the navigation laptop. It is NEVER connected to the internet, and so gets no updates.
I can find no trouble-shooting information on the E85001.

None of the LED's on the side of the board are lit...not even the Seatalk one.
A2. Based on the reported symptoms, it would appear that the E85001 has suffered a circuitry failure. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.

A3. I took a picture I took of the device a year ago when documenting the wiring, the Seatalk light was lit. I do know that Seatalk data is going through that device, because the Radar display shows all the instrument data. Unplugging the Seatalk connector from the back of the Radar, which is directly wired to the Seatalk out connectors on the E85001 box, results in the GPS and Instrument data on the radar going to zero.

Is it possible that the E85001 has failed in such a way that the Seatalk data is still being passed through, but the RS-232 data is not?
A3. Yes. The E85001's SeaTalk ports are pass through ports. Accordingly, irrespective of whether the E85001's processor is operational, SeaTalk data will pass between its two SeaTalk ports.

Q4. What exactly should I be testing for with a multimeter on the RS-232 side?
A4. See the response to Q2.

Any other suggestions?
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