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Axiom Side Vision

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Axiom Side Vision
10-16-17, 02:01 PM
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Axiom Side Vision
Hi I have an Axiom 9 with RV-100 transducer with 3D imaging / Side image / down scan etc. latest software updated
I have noticed that my side imaging does not appear to scan at 180 Degrees as it is advertised, is there a setting to change this scan angle? It appears that I am seeing images that are picked up in my down imaging 60 deg. cone but not much outside that. For example when I drove past pilings for a bridge in 30-40 ft of water and I was about 8 ft from the pilings the scan only showed the bottom 2/3 of the pilings, and it didn't show the pilings on the other side that were about 50 ft away. I have attached a screen shot of what I am seeing. The transducer is mounted with a clear 180 Deg. view from it's mounting position, photo attached. The 2nd transducer is for a Dragonfly but it was turned off during this scan. I also noticed that as I got closer to the bridge pilings they would appear closer to the top of the scan view, but if this is truly 180 deg. scanning that shouldn't happen right?
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