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ST 60 instruments

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ST 60 instruments
11-19-17, 08:37 AM
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ST 60 instruments
I have ST60+ wind and depth displays, and an ST60+ autopilot controller on my binnacle. They are wired through a Raymarine course computer at the Nav Table. All of these components were installed in 2006. Lately, the autopilot controller engage button has been working intermittently, and the masthead wind vane has been sticking in position at low wind velocities.

A replacement for the masthead wind vane is available, and I am planning on replacing that; however, the ST60+ autopilot controller is no longer available. I have several questions in regard to my installation:

-Is there a replacement for the ST60+ autopilot controller that will fit the same cutout as the ST60+, and if so, what is the model number? Are there replacements for the ST60+ wind and depth displays that will fit the same cutouts, if I should need them in the future?
-Will the replacement controller use the same wiring as the ST60+, or will I need to rewire?
-If I need to rewire, will I need to use a Seatalk to Seatalkng converter between the existing course computer and the new controller?

Alternatively, if I decide to replace the wind and depth displays, the autopilot controller and the course computer with all new components, will the ST60+ masthead wind vane work with the new course computer and display? (I have replaced the cable for the masthead wind vane in the past, and given the extreme difficulty of running it through the mast wiring channel, I would not want to have to repeat this.) Would the existing depth transducer work with the new course computer and display? Would I need to install a Seatalk to Seatalkng converter to use the ST60+ masthead wind vane and the existing depth transducer with the new components?

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer in regard to my installation.

Bob S
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