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[CA] A97 to Axiom 9RV Upgrade and additional new electronics

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[CA] A97 to Axiom 9RV Upgrade and additional new electronics
03-24-18, 03:12 PM (This post was last modified: 03-27-18 03:06 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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Brick [CA] A97 to Axiom 9RV Upgrade and additional new electronics
First, thank you for the excellent advice on your forum. It has been very valuable to me.

I am planning to replace my A97 MFD with a new Axiom 9 RV, Part E70367-00-LNC. I’m also planning to add an Autopilot and Thermal Camera. I have attached a .pdf with the proposed schematic diagram, including both existing and proposed equipment.

Proposed equipment (not yet purchased) is shown with the Raymarine part number in bold. Other equipment is already installed. The P70R and EV-1 really are already installed even though the autopilot is not. The A97, to be retired, is not included on the schematic.

I would appreciate any overall advice or comments you might have when looking at the schematic. Nothing new is set in stone. In addition, I have a few questions to just make sure I’m on the right path:

1. My steering Cylinder is a SeaStar Model BA-125-7ATM, Part number HC5312. If I’ve done my research correctly, that’s 118 CC of volume. Could you let me know if I’ve chosen the autopilot parts (ACU-200 and Type I pump) wisely?

2. Could you please review my diagram and note the E66087 Airmar Sonar (already installed), and the A80488 Adaptor Cable (proposed) and advise if I’ve correctly selected the adaptor to allow me to connect to the new Axiom MFD?

3. I intend to put the new Axiom MFD where the A98 was. Have I selected the adaptor plate (E80526) wisely?

4. Can you confirm that the Legacy RMK9 keyboard will work with the new Axiom MFD?

5. The boat, unfortunately, has the house and port engine on the same battery bank. This can lead to a major voltage drop at the helm while starting the port engine. The MFD often resets during a start. Per one of you excellent FAQs, I am intending to install a Newmar Nav Pac (NP-12) 12 Volt DC UPS. By checking the specifications for each component, I have estimated the draw of all electronics on the schematic except the Fusion System and ACU-200 at about 11 amps (With 6 of that coming from the VHF transmitting at high power). The NP-12 is capable of handling 15 amps. I intend to connect all electronics via the NP-12, except the Fusion System and ACU-200, because the ACU-200’s maximum draw of 15 amps, in addition to other equipment, might blow the NP-12’s fuse.

a. Does my selection of the NP-12 seem like a good idea to you?

b. Is my estimate of 11 Amps reasonable?

c. Do you have any thoughts on my intention to exclude the ACU-200? Should I be considering an additional NP-12 just for the ACU-200?

d. Is there any way to power the “logic” of the ACU-200 from the NP-12, but use “raw” power to actually drive the hydraulic pump?

Again, thank you very much!
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