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[CA] Ev-150 Deviation Cruise and No Change in "Detecting Magnetics" status
04-30-18, 03:49 PM (This post was last modified: 04-30-18 03:57 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: [CA] Ev-150 Deviation Cruise and No Change in "Detecting Magnetics" status
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum GoodChance,

Q1. Can the STng (white) communication cable from the EV-1 be connected to a spur and the spur then connected to the backbone via a STng(blue) cable? Or does the STng (white) cable from the EV-1 need to be fed directly to the backbone? I asked a technician on the 1-800 Raymarine customer support line this same question and he indicated that I could use the STng (blue) cable to connect the spur to the backbone.
A1. The only way that would be acceptable to join a SeaTalkng spur cable to the end of a backbone cable in an in-line manner would be SeaTalkng Spur Cable <-> SeaTalkng Inline Terminator<->SeaTalkng backbone Cable. Like all SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 devices, the EV-1 CCU is not designed to be connected to a SeaTalkng spur cable (white w/black stripe) and the spur cable then connected to the backbone via a STng backbone (blue w/black stripe) cable. The EV-1 CCU is designed to be interfaced to a spur socket (white) within a powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone.

Q2. FYI - The EV-1 sensor is located 5ft away from the Raymarine Type 1 pump. And 4.5ft away from the starting and house battery. There are no electrical wires/cables near the EV-1 sensor. I have taken a small hand-held compass into the area where the EV-1 is mounted and see no magnetic deviation. Sidebar: When powered-up, the green light on the EV-1 sensor is "lit". Also, the green light on the ACU is also "lit". So what am I missing?
A2. I would recommend that the system is installed as specified within my response to Q1 and that you verify that the EV-1 CCU has been installed level to the waterline and that its LED arrow is pointed toward the bow. If so, then it would then be recommended that the vessel be taken out again and that the deviation cruise within the operating conditions listed be performed and that the diameter of the figure eight's circles be no less than 100 yards. Should the problem persist, then please note that when the vessel is turned through 360 degrees, that the autopilot's control head be observed to note that it is reporting heading changes through 360 degrees with no stoppage.
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