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[CA] Behavior of networked LH3 MFDs

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[CA] Behavior of networked LH3 MFDs
05-09-18, 07:55 AM (This post was last modified: 05-10-18 10:19 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA] Behavior of networked LH3 MFDs
I have an existing Axiom 9 RV connected to an RV 100 transducer and I have recently added an Axiom 7 DV connected to a B60 transducer. Both MFDs have been updated to LH v.3.4.66 and they are connected via a Raynet (F) to Raynet (F) cable with the Axiom 9 set as the Data Master. As nearly as I can tell with the boat sitting on the trailer, they are successfully sharing sonar, chart and NEMA 2k data.

Although I am no stranger to older stand alone sonars and chart plotters with shared NMEA data, I am new to networked MFDs. Perhaps I have missed it but there does not seem to be much information about the behavior of networked MFDs in the LH3 manual. I had expected that the 2 MFDs would share data but would function completely independently, each with it's own homescreens and app pages.

Similar to what Wstandis reported in a recent thread, I found that when I opened the sonar app simultaneously on both MFDs, changes such as data overlays or selected channel were immediately mirrored on the other display. I then found that added or deleted MFD app pages were immediately mirrored on the other display's homescreen. I concluded that I had been running the same instance of the sonar app on each MFD and corrected my problem by creating "Sonar 1" and "Sonar 2" which seem to function independently on each screen. I created similar duplicate pages for other apps that I might want to run simultaneously on each display.

I am satisfied with how my system is now working but I did use up a bunch of the available app pages by creating duplicates. In your response to Wstandis you suggested that he should perform a Factory Feset to correct what seems to be a similar situation. As a result, I am now questioning my understanding of how the system should work.

Q 1. Is it correct for changes to one MFD's homescreen/app pages to be mirrored on other displays in the network?

Q 2. Is it correct that, when the same app is running simultaneously on multiple networked MFDs, changes made on one MFD are mirrored on the others?

Q 3. If the above are incorrect, should I reset both MFDs and if so, would I need to perform a Factory Reset or would a System Reset be likely to correct the issue without loosing my custom app pages, data overlays, etc?
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