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[DG11] Axiom future features suggestions and possible small bugs

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[DG11] Axiom future features suggestions and possible small bugs
05-13-18, 11:26 AM (This post was last modified: 05-17-18 07:30 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[DG11] Axiom future features suggestions and possible small bugs
I have just installed a new Axiom system on my sailing boat (Beneteau First 32), running version 3.4.66 of the software.
On the seatalkng network, I have the following components:
- Axiom MFD
- EV1 autopilot with ACU 100 and P70s control head
- Seatalk ng to seatalk converter
- Quantum 2 radar
- Microtalk gateway for wind, depth and sea water temperature data which are also displayed on three Microtalk instruments at the helm
- Non Raymarine MNEA 2000 VHF with AIS receiver
- Non Raymarine NMEA 2000 atmospheric pressure transducer

All the Raymarine items on the network are on the latest software revision as of today and the non Raymarine MNEA 2000 items seem to interface OK with the seatalkng system.

Everything works fine so far but I found some strange behaviors in some minor features, in particular when using metric units:

1- short length units are set in meters on the MFD and most are actually shown in meters but some short lengths are still shown in feet regardless of the units setting on the MFD, in particular:
- on the charts app, the short length scales (below 1 nautical mile) are still
shown in feet, not in meters
- on the boat particulars page, the lenght of the boat is indeed shown in
meters but stangely the width of the boat and the mast height are still
shown in feet, not in meters
- on the GPS data page, the position precision figure is shown in feet, not

2- Pressure units are set in Bars on the MFD but this setting sometimes reverts to PSI in a random fashion that I have not yet figured out, however, the indication of my MNEA 2000 atmospheric pressure transducer always correctly dispays in milibars.

3- there might be some other discepencies of display between metric and US units that I have not yet noticed.

4- On the autopilot pages and pop ups of the Axiom MFD, the choice of the mode of the autopilot is only between "STANDBY", "AUTO" and "TRACK", the "WIND VANE" mode is not available on the MFD and therefore can be selected only from the p70s control head

4- I have temporarily disconnected my two non Raymarine MNEA 2000 components to see if they were not responsible for these units and autopilot discrepencies but they still happen even if the system is only composed of seatalkng Raymarine components.

I suspect that all this could come from some small bugs in this version of the Axiom software.

This is not a big problem but it is quite confusing because for us Europeans, feet are made for walking and not for measuring lengths......
Furthermore, on a sailing boat, it would be very nice to be able to select the WIND VANE mode of the autopilot directly from the MFD inside without having to go outside to use the autopilot control head to do so

It would be nice if possible to adress these small issues in a next revision of the Axiom software and have all the data shown in metric units when metric is selected in the setting page of the MFD and to be able to use the MFD for wind vane operation

One nice extra feature to add to the Axiom would be the possibility of logging any data for some period of time, possibly with an ajustable sample rate, and to be able to display it on a graphic curve.
This would be convenient for logging/displaying data like temperatures, pressures, speeds, ect.. and should not be too difficult to add
For your info, this feature exists already on some MFD's.

Thanks for allowing me to add my two cents.

Best regards

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