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[CA11] System Diagram and Questions Submitted for Review

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[CA11] System Diagram and Questions Submitted for Review
05-17-18, 08:47 AM (This post was last modified: 05-17-18 10:51 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] System Diagram and Questions Submitted for Review
I have recently purchased the Axiom 9", Quantum 24C, two i70s, one i60, iTC-5 and the EV-200 sail package to upgrade my RL70/ST60/ST5000+ vintage Raymarine equipment. I also have a new Vesper Marine XB 8000 AIS.

I have attached a pdf file format of Power Point diagrams showing the system diagram. There are three slides: 1) overview of system 2) location by area in boat 3) Specifics of wiring diagram with each wire numbered per questions.

Below are a list of questions:
1. What problems do you see with the overall schematic diagram?
2. Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
3. Are devices such as Axiom, Quantum, i70s, i60, and P70s individually fused within unit? The ACU 200 has a 20 amp fuse to drive unit and 3 amp if used for power to STNG backbone. What about other devices? Otherwise, I plan to fuse as shown on the breakers for each device.
4. The VHF and the AIS will be separately fused with in-line fuses off the single VHF circuit breaker.
5. The NMEA data cable as part of the power cable for Axiom and a A06045 (DeviceNet (Female) Adaptor Cable (0.4m)) is long enough to reach the 5-way connector(#6) – Wire #1 in Wiring Details. However, a A06045 (DeviceNet (Female) Adaptor Cable (0.4m)) is not long enough to connect the NMEA 2000 on the Vesper AIS to the 5-way (#8). What is the Raymarine part number for the male STNG spur on one end and female STNG spur on the other that will allow me to connect the A06045 to the 5-way (#8)?
6. For the Quantum 24C radar, I first plan to test if WiFi will work from mast to Axiom mounted in Navpod on pedestal guard at helm. If this does not work, what is the Raymarine part number (R32142?) for the connector (#21) extending another Raynet cable (A80005? for 5 meters) from the connector to the Ethernet connection on the Axiom?
7. Do you recommend putting a light layer of a dielectric on each of the flat female ends of STNG backbone and spurs before connecting to the respective male end?
8. I assume if you provide power to the STNG backbone as I have shown with a “T” connection, then you flip the “dip” switch on the ACU 200 to off and only data will go through that spur connection to the backbone

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.pdf  Raymarine Upgrade Schematic Diagrams - Overview Locations and Wiring.pptx.pdf (Size: 403.39 KB / Downloads: 327)
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