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(DG11) Seatalk NG Starter Kit Questions
05-21-18, 09:33 AM
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RE: (DG11) Seatalk NG Starter Kit Questions
Hi kaptkaos

Thank you for your enquiry.

STng is a CANBUS type network, ( Just like NMEA2000) and so it requires its own dedicated 12v power supply, this supply is used to power interfaces connected into the backbone and the small,limited function data displays. You will note that larger products with bigger screens, AIS, Autopilots etc all have their own dedicated power supplies too - simply because they draw too much power for the STng backbone to support.

The Power supply to the backbone can be injected at any point through a spur cable connection, whether it is a dedicated T piece or a block with 3 or more spur cable connectors on it. The key point however is that the power supply needs to be as close to the balance point of the different loads connected throughout the backbone.

Please refer here for more details

The RAY52 will require it's own dedicated power supply and it will need to be connected to the backbone via an STng spur cable

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