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[CA] [CA11] C80 Classic and "No Heading"
07-08-18, 01:33 PM (This post was last modified: 07-09-18 06:58 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: [CA11] C80 Classic and "No Heading"
Thank you, Chuck, for the wonderful help.

To clarify, the 10Hz heading data enters the MFD via NMEA183, and only 1Hz data via the ST connection between the two. Isn't 1Hz enough for most purposes?

I assume that the chart application functionality is accessible via the MFD's menu on charting. I'll check that.

The check for other heading data source to the MFD is simple and I'll check immediately.

I did find info online on how to change the Raystar 125 battery. I'll try that, I think.

As an ancillary question is this. We're cruisers. The South Pacific, while beautiful and such, is a very harsh environment. Reasonably, what is the life expectancy for the Raymarine equipment that I have installed? I installed most in 2005 or so.

A second thought, related to the first, is that since it's all that old, I should buy a completely new suite of equipment and use new networking. I'm sure that it's more stable and much more robust that ST1.


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