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[CA11] MFD Bezel Trim Adapters for C80 cutout

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[CA11] MFD Bezel Trim Adapters for C80 cutout
09-26-18, 12:13 PM (This post was last modified: 09-26-18 02:00 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] MFD Bezel Trim Adapters for C80 cutout
I want to upgrade from my C80 MFD. It is mounted in a Nav Pod. I do not want to buy a new Nav Pod, but I do want the installation to look professional.

After researching the available Raymarine MFD options, I find the availability of bezel trim adapters is incomplete and puzzling.

Specifically, I have found bezels available for the the Axiom 9 and for the e95 MFDs. The problem for me with the Axiom is I need a hybrid that has buttons/dial. Further, the e95 MFD is no longer available to purchase except used on eBay. It is also 2 generations back from the current MFDs and it is not compatible with the Quantum 2 Q24D radar that I want.

The MFDs that I am interested in are the Es97 and the Axiom Pro 9.

Questions: Are bezel trim adapters available for the Es97 and Axiom Pro 9, and if so, what are the part numbers and sources? If no, why are they available for the e95 (no longer sold) but not available for any current hybrid MFDs?


Jim Pravel, USCG Master
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