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[CA11] LHIII.6 advanced manual questions

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[CA11] LHIII.6 advanced manual questions
09-30-18, 10:13 AM (This post was last modified: 10-01-18 10:06 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] LHIII.6 advanced manual questions
The manual has a couple comments on upgrading the III that I cant find a lot of info on.

Quote:Before you perform the upgrade, the following considerations need to be taken into account:

Digital switching
Upgrading to LightHouseâ„¢ 3 will erase all Digital switching files loaded on your MFD. Once erased, these files will be unrecoverable, potentially rendering the Digital switching system unusable.
Digital switching solutions must be converted, before performing the upgrade to LightHouseâ„¢ 3. Contact Raymarine Technical Support, who will guide you through the process and perform the necessary file conversion.

Legacy SeaTalk ® and SPX autopilots cannot be controlled by MFDs running LightHouse™ 3. A Pilot control head will be required to control legacy autopilot systems.


1: How do you backup LHII switching files, so they can be restored on a downgrade?
2: What does it mean that LHIII wont be able to talk to a legacy AP? Right now, LHII can control my AP via the seatalkng port and a raymarine seatalk NG to 1 converter.

Thanks in advance
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