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[DG] Autohelm ST7000
10-22-18, 05:47 AM
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RE: [DG] Autohelm ST7000
Thank you for your enquiry,
Which studs in the drive unit failed? the bolts that hold the motor onto the main chassis plate?

It sounds like a cable may have been swapped at some point, however, it should be easily solved.
First, select STANDBY and turn the steering wheel by hand to Starboard and check the rudder angle displayed moves to starboard too, repeat turning the wheel to port and check the rudder angle displayed moves to Port as well. If this happens, then the rudder reference unit is all OK and working correctly.

Next, select AUTO and then check the clutch engages - the steering will feel locked.
Then press 2 x +10 and the wheel should turn to Starboard, if it does not and turns all the way to Port, then MOTOR wires are reversed and simply reversing them where they connect to the computer will fix this. It is possible they were reversed from installation and swapped when commissioning maybe. maybe the wires from the motor were reversed at the drive connection, but in any case, there is no residual memory or anything like that in the computer.

I am sure it is a simple swap has happened at some point and caused this - swap the motor wires as suggested and all should be OK.
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