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[CA11] Axiom 12 3D Vision goes sideways
10-30-18, 11:03 PM
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RE: [CA11] Axiom 12 3D Vision goes sideways
I installed the equipment myself. The boat has been hauled for the season so I can't take a picture or video. It would not be all that interesting, just shows the seabed trailing away at about a 45 degree angle. The Axiom is on the latest software revision (3.7.70). It did the same thing on the prior release. There is a Y cable between the two RV212 transducers. It does the same thing whether the internal or external GPS is being used.

Reseting the transducers has a temporary affect on the AHRS problem, but it seems to go off again in a short time. Nothing has affected the sideways problem (with AHRS off) and this is puzzling. All the other apps know which way the boat is going, the problem is specific to the fishfinder app.
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