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[LW11] Integration Axiom 7 DV with old ST60 equipment
12-05-18, 05:46 PM
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RE: [LW11] Integration Axiom 7 DV with old ST60 equipment
(11-29-18 05:36 AM)Louise - Raymarine - Moderator Wrote:  Hi Carlos Varela,

Thank you for your post.

Looking at your drawing, the i70 display will need to connect to the STng backbone via a spur cable and not directly in to the Axiom display. The devicenet to STng cable connects directly from the Axiom into a white port from either a T-piece or a 5 way block on the backbone.
The STng backbone will require its own 12v source as you have demonstrated in your drawing. The Axiom, SPX5, AIS and VHF will also require their own 12v source with a fuse as instructed in their installation manuals.
You have the SPX5 connected to ST1 and the STng network, remove the STng cable between the ITC5 and the SPX5. Leave the SPX5 on the ST1 network as you have drawn.
You have the legacy ST60 instruments with wind, speed and depth along with the i70 with wind, speed and depth. You will only require one set of these transducers on the network, this will be down to personal preference. If you keep the ST60 transducers you can use the i70 display as a repeater, you will not require the ITC-5 if you choose this option. Alternatively, if you update the transducers with the ITC-5, the ST60 displays can also be used as repeaters.

Many Thanks

Many thanks Louise,

It was of great help.


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