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[CA11] C Series 12"W MFD power cycling issue & Power Button Issue

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[CA11] C Series 12"W MFD power cycling issue & Power Button Issue
01-03-19, 11:54 AM (This post was last modified: 01-08-19 05:13 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] C Series 12"W MFD power cycling issue & Power Button Issue
2012 C-Series LightHouseII 12"W, non-touch screen MFD had 3 issues during an offshore 20hr run.
1) While trying to dim screen, when turning control knob CCW screen starts to dim (~50%) then while still turning CCW, screen goes full bright.
2) Screen appears to power cycle, screen goes Black then displays RM booting up screen w RM FLIR Logo & C-Series at top & LighthouseII at bottom. This lasts for ~10sec then chart display returns.|
3) With MFD off, when you turn circuit breaker on at the main DC panel, the MFD now immediately initiates power cycle, where before we had to press the power button on the MFD to initiate power up.

#1 occurred about 4 times & we found that if you pull out on control knob a little the dimming function worked. Left screen dim & did not change.
#2 occurred 5 times with 20-30mins in between & occurred regardless of what button we tried to use. + -, Back, rotary knob, menu. Then screen kept cycling every 15seconds so we shut it down.
#3. Discovered during troubleshooting of #1 & #2.

Troubleshooting thus far.
1. Software version is 19.03, so up to date as far as I know.
2. Checked power at main power/video input cord at MFD 13.5v, with engine running & with solar powering battery bank. No power issues.
3. Cannon plug, was secured firmly, pins all look brand moisture or corrosion anywhere.
4. Checked power cable for kinks & with power on & MFD on, wiggled & twisted main power cable around & could not duplicate malfunctions. Cable looked good, no chaffing evident & no change in voltage when cable is manipulated.
5. Performed Factory Reset following RM instructions.

Unable to duplicate the screen power cycling issue since factory reset.

Could the factory reset solved the problem? If so, how/why would this fix the issue? We leave offshore again in a week, so if problem reoccurs, what would be the next step?

Last, during troubleshooting, the power button popped off. Doesn't appear to be broken but we are unable to get it back into place so it stays locked in place. Is there a procedure for doing so & if not, can I buy a new power button?
Thanks for the help & apologies for long thread.
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