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[CA11] Uncommanded System Reboot - Axiom Pro
03-25-19, 12:21 PM
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RE: [CA11] Uncommanded System Reboot - Axiom Pro
I am attaching the newest update to the Navigation Electronics System (V3-2; 25Mar19).

The change reflects a move of the Smart Controller wireless base station from its former location (near the SPX30) to a new location (under the cockpit navigation equipment console where it is near the Axiom Pro 12).

The reason for this move is that in the original location, the wireless handset, while able to control the SPX30, was not able to display any other nav data (e.g. speed, depth, wind, etc.). In this location the base station was connected to an ST-1 port in the SPX30.

In the new location, the base station is connected to the ST-1 network at the tri-connection block with the ST60s (Depth, Speed, Wind) and thence to the ST-1 to ST-ng converter and the ST-ng backbone.

The wireless handset can now both control the SPX30 as well as display all other Nav data.

The WiFi connection from the Axiom Pro 12 to the Quantum 2 was checked and it worked normally.

I also want to confirm:
SPX30 ST-1 power switch = off (noted on schematic)
All previous system diagnostic logs erased from Axiom Pro 12.

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