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[CA11] Uncommanded System Reboot - Axiom Pro
05-29-19, 04:18 PM
Post: #16
RE: [CA11] Uncommanded System Reboot - Axiom Pro

I am preparing to depart Baltimore to cruise up the coast to NE for the summer. Just before I received your reply, I discovered the SW update was available. I will download, install, do the reset, and check out performance before I depart the marina here.

Note: I use the iPhone / Navionics Boating app as a total stand-alone independent tool. The phone app is unaware the Axiom exits.

I am thinking of writing a separate post about the sonar logging feature. I found this to be an extremely useful tool to use while exploring anchorages and new areas. I saved screenshots of the newly constructed contour chart for future use.

I will report back when I've tried out the new update.

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