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[CA11] RV-100 Mounting Height
04-17-19, 12:52 PM
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RE: [CA11] RV-100 Mounting Height
Thank you Chuck. I now see the screw slot/screw position in the illustration referenced. Did not notice that before but now it makes sense.

FWIW - I test ran the boat with the RV-100 again in the higher position and I am pleased with the results so for now will leave it alone and secure it in place.

Off topic on this but is the latest software just released available via WiFi on Axiom units yet?

Jack - MS Gulf Coast
Current Ray Equipment - Axiom 7 RV serving as DM and networked to a eS127 -
Quantum Radar via WiFi to eS127, RMK-9 networked to eS127, EV-1 Sensor Core, RV-100 and B60 transducers.
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