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[CA] [CA11] Upgrade questions
05-10-19, 03:01 PM
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RE: [CA11] Upgrade questions
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Chilly,

Q1: I like the hybrid touch feature of having manual knob/button for rough weather/wet hands etc. I looked at the RMK 10 and it seems to indicate that it can switch between two screens to control. Can the keypad on Axiom PRO do the same to control a second Axiom?
A1. Negative.

Q2: Do the PRO axioms with keypad suffer a screen size penalty over the regular Axiom to accommodate the keypad?
A2. Negative. The screen sizes of 12" Axiom and 12" Axiom Pro MFDs are identical. The overall width of the Axiom Pro MFD is simply larger than an Axiom MFD of the same screen size by the additional width required to accommodate the Axiom Pro MFDs keyboard.

Q3a: Will the Axioms behave like my E120W where only the MFD that has the analog camera input display the camera?
A3a. Unlike the Raymarine MFD designs which preceded the Axiom MFDs, the Axiom/Axiom Pro/Axiom XL MFDs will encode NTSC/PAL video to share with the system's other MFDs.

Q3b. I am thinking about the M232, which I believe will allow me to use any MFD to display/control due to M232 IP output correct?
A3b. Correct. Per the response to Q1, this would also be possible with compatible thermal cameras having an NTSC/PAL video interface.

Q3c. Are the ClearCruise analytics a function of the LH3 such that they work on any Axiom display I select?
A3c. Yes.

Q4a: I will get the RV 100 transducer. Can I still connect my B164 thru hull and operate the 50/200 with the PRO RXV along with the RV100;
A4a: Yes.

Q4b. Can I put the B164 on the RXV or should I still use the CP300?
A4b. Unfortunately, the CP300 is not supported for use with Axiom/Axiom Pro/Axiom XL MFDs. While the adapted to be mated to the B164 may be interfaced to the Axiom Pro RVX MFD's 1kW Transducer socket, maximum depth and sensitivity from the B164 will occur when CP300 has been replaced with a CP370.

Q5: The PRO RXV has two Raynet Ethernet ports; can 1 of them be used to connect another item onto the network so I don't run out of ports on HS5?
A5. Yes.
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