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[TG11] Evo1, P70 ‘No Pilot’ and SOG

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[TG11] Evo1, P70 ‘No Pilot’ and SOG
06-07-19, 04:35 PM (This post was last modified: 06-11-19 10:21 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[TG11] Evo1, P70 ‘No Pilot’ and SOG
Just installed a Evo1 Wheel kit on a 35 foot Mono/Sail, included a rudder reference, Used a converter from ST-STNG from a set of ST50’s.

Installed with no issues, all ST50 data besides:
1) SOG doesn’t appears on P70 display, though when sailing, AWS on P70 seems to calculate SOG and True Wind, So seems it’s using SOG data, but not displaying it
2) Wind vane while correct as ST50, sometimes can be 180 degrees out on the P70 mainly in lighter wind...if vane isn’t moving, reading should be the same no?

Other problem, when Harbour/river motoring it calibrated well, and holds course beside in vane mode as direction is incorrect(Autotack in vane mode does 360degrees before I stop it) but under sail the P70 faults out ‘No Pilot’, motor is warm but not hot, and light winds, and small following sea.

Changed from Slow Sail to Sail, and from Cruising to Leisure mode. Still faulted after 5-10minutes saying No Pilot. Motor just stops locks a rudder angle.

When motor/sailing, didn’t seem to fault again?

Any help would be great

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