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AUTO ok, TRACK seems to hunt

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AUTO ok, TRACK seems to hunt
05-21-16, 07:54 PM
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AUTO ok, TRACK seems to hunt
I've got an EVO (ACU-400, hydraulic, 37 ton, 44' trawler) and it does reasonably well on AUTO.

I then hooked up Coastal Explorer to my RM/N2K network (with Actisense USB connector), start a route, and then select TRACK from my P70R.

The EVO follows the track but seems to do a LOT more steering correction. I sort of get's not just trying to steer a heading but it's also trying to continually get me back on the course track...but I have feel it's over-correcting for the track. Unfortunately I only have the Performance/Leisure/Cruise settings and they don't seem to have a significant effect.

Is there a setting to dial down the EVO from making small corrections to get me back on the track? Or should I be looking to CE (I know the developer) for an option on their end?

Lulu: 36' Little Harbor WhisperJet
Raymarine: Axiom 12 RV, RV200, Axiom 12 Pro, Evo 1/ACU 150/P70RS, Quantum Q24C, HS5
Refugio: 44' trawler
Raymarine: ACU-400, EV-1, P70R, a78, M81105 RFU, ST60 RAI, E22158 ST-STNG
NMEA 2000: Garmin 740S & GMR18 HD, Airmar WS-200WX, Actisense NGT-1
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AUTO ok, TRACK seems to hunt - Keith Pleas - 05-21-16 07:54 PM

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