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[TG] [TG11] lost IP cameras after axiom LH3 3.10 sw update
08-16-19, 05:51 AM (This post was last modified: 08-19-19 02:06 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: [TG11] lost IP cameras after axiom LH3 3.10 sw update
thanks for your response,
Im aware that you dont support non raymarine cameras
however the cameras were working just fine and have done so for 2 years through all LH3 SW upgrades untill bermuda.
I intially installed one camera - used it for 18 months, and after having no problems thru multiple sw upgrades - installed 2 more at considerable cost and effort.
Now none work (with LH3 Bermuda) .....hence the frustration.

The config of cameras has not changed & all 3 exhibit same “not available” message.
The cameras are configured IDENTICAL to a Raymarine IP camera... (per FAQ).
The cameras ARE visible on the LAN - using ONVIF viewer application,
which was used both in earlier and now bermuda enviroment.
So Im very confident that again, nothing has changed & the cameras are
present & viewable on the Axiom/LH3 managed LAN.
I note that the IP address seem to change - for no apparent reason (under DHCP control of the MFDs).

I will not get into details on camera comparisons , however Im extremely confident the cameras Im using are equivalent in quality (if not identical ) to raymarine (branded) cameras.
However this is not relevant to the issue.

I note your view that nothing has changed in LH3 bermuda that would impact this,
but its difficult to reconcile this with my testing.

Any information on how I can “reset” and force Axiom to delete and re-acquire cameras would be appreciated,
obviously i have already reset/restarted cameras, and likewise the LH3 upgrades restarted Axioms...
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