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[DG11] S100 installation problem
09-30-19, 05:27 AM
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RE: [DG11] S100 installation problem
Dear Rene.Postulart,

Thank you for your post.

As Derek previously mentioned in a post, it looks like you have not modified the ST1 to STng converter cable.

Have you dependently power the STng backbone with a 12v power supply?

Have your ST1 products also got their own 12v supply?

If you have 2 converters in the system both connected with a 12v feed from the ST1 system (the ST1 network carries a 12v supply) and 12v coming in independently to the backbone , you will be powering the network 3 times. With the yellow adaptor cable connecting the S100 to the STng, cut the cable and strip some of the sheath. Rejoin the yellow and screen but tape back the red core, this is the 12v supply and can cause issues when the STng bus is also powered independently.

With your other seatalk converter, are you powering a couple of ST1 instruments from the backbone or are have they a 12v supply of their own? If you are powering the ST1 system, you will also need to modify this cable. The STng bus only requires one source of a 12v input.

Many Thanks
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