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[JB] CAM50 for e97 MFD
11-07-19, 12:57 AM (This post was last modified: 11-26-19 12:18 AM by Jules - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: CAM50 for e97 MFD
(11-01-19 01:04 PM) Wrote:  G'day, I purchased my boat new in 2015 here in Australia. It has an e97 MFD and I would like to add a CAM50. I am unsure whether to order PAL or NTSC? Also want to use it looking aft so would need reverse image? Thanks Kel

Hi Kelly,

The reply is copied here from the original email for the benefit of future visitors of the forum.

Kind regards

Hello Kelly,

We've in fact phased out those old analogue cameras in favour of the newer IP (network, digital) video cameras, the CAM210 and CAM220. The CAM210 is a bullet-style camera like CAM100, and the CAM220 is an eyeball design like the CAM50. Both will work with e97. They connect via the network (Raynet) port. If this is already in use to connect to another device (e.g. radar or a sounder module) then may need an HS5 network switch to join these multiple devices together. You can see details on both cameras at If you are not sure about your network connections, one of our installers ( tick Certified Installation) can help.

If you do end up getting hold of an older CAM50 or CAM100, either PAL or NTSC will work with e97 and there will be little or no visible difference. This really only made a difference when connecting to an old TV that could not auto-detect the format.


Tom Green

Maritime | Raymarine
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