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[LW11] AIS700 do not send position data to DSC VHF
01-31-20, 08:51 AM (This post was last modified: 02-14-20 09:47 AM by Louise - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: [LW11] AIS700 do not send position data to DSC VHF
Dear Louise,
thanks for your suggestions.

- I'll set up as suggested next time I'm in the harbor. BTW I try to enable GPS data - GBS, GGA, GLL & RMC in my past test with no solution but I didn't fount any picture on my records. So I'll check again. ASAP.

- I'll check again to the correct NMEA in +/-
AIS700 purple is NMEA out + to the ICOM yellow NMEA in +
AIS700 pink is NMEA out -to the ICOM green NMEA in -

- "Before disconnecting from the ProAIS2 software ensure that you have a good satellite fix in the GNSS tab. If all looks good connect the VHF to AIS and a GPS fix from the AIS700 should become available."
I'll check also.

Just a question.... The AIS700 (before the dealer substitution) had sw V 1.05.1 and I was able to see Latitude Longitude and Time correctly to the same Icom VHF with the same wire connections.
AIS was substituted for a reason related to GPS antenna and was substituted with sw V 1.06 I didn't check if data were sent again to VHF. I discover the lack of position and Time transmission only when I enter the MMSI code in the VHF. Few months later.
Can be the AIS700 sw revision (from 1.05.1 to 1.06) the reason of the lack of data on NMEA LO to VHF? In case I can try to upload back the original sw version (1.05.1) and check if some changes appear.... Unfortunately from Raymarine web site the old sw revision are no more available. Can you send me the sw revision 1.05.1? I'll do the sw revision change only AFTER the test suggested in your message.

Many thanks for your help
I'll back to you soon.
Cheers MAX
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